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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Click-Worthy Pins that Convert

How will your pins stand out? Follow these best practices to create click-worthy Pinterest pins that convert to clicks, sales, and clients!

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How-To, Pinterest

How to Track and Analyze Your Pinterest Analytics

Want to make your Pinterest marketing actually work for you? The key is data. Here’s your simple guide to Pinterest analytics!

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How-To, Pinterest

How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research

If there’s one thing your Pinterest success rides and dies on, it’s your keyword research. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how to do Pinterest keyword research the easy way!

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How-To, Pinterest

6 Ways to Create More Fresh Pins for Pinterest

The easiest way to have enough content for Pinterest is to create multiple fresh pins for every blog. Here are 6 ways to stretch your content further!

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How-To, Marketing, Pinterest

How to Market Your Lead Magnet on Pinterest

Pinterest is full of users looking for freebies, but are you losing them before they convert? Here’s the right way to market your freebie on Pinterest.

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If your search history is full of questions like "how frequently should I post on Pinterest?" and "how to use Pinterest for business," I'm here to help.

Through custom Pinterest marketing strategies, I help online service providers like you build brand awareness, grow your email list, and get the dreamiest of inquiries consistently. Plus, you can finally close out all those tabs you swear you'll get to, eventually.

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