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here's what you can expect...

a new edition lands on your digital doorstep (ahem, inbox) every thursday. you in?

Below the Fold

  • Swipe file templates for pin descriptions & titles
  • How to ask for help in a way that makes people feel good
  • 3 ways to strategically repurpose your content
  • Daily habits that make me a better entrepreneur

Want a preview of the kinds of things you can look forward to reading in your weekly Thursday Press?

Here are some examples of what I've covered in the past:

Hi, I'm Sarah — Pinterest expert, former local journalist, and professional oversharer.

On my first day as editor of my high school newspaper, I showed up with a binder full of tutorials and a relentless drive to cover our 1,200-student school with our 8-person staff.

I take this newsletter just as seriously.

If you're a fan of stories that turn into strategic Pinterest marketing tips, way-too-honest insights into online entrepreneurship, & the occasional cat picture, you'll love the Thursday Press.