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Social Media Manager Pinterest Case Study: ABC Social Media Management

When I first started following Amber Broder of ABC Social Media Management on Instagram, it was mostly because I was searching for more horse-girl energy in my life.

If you don’t know Amber, let me introduce you.

Amber is the founder and head of ABC Social Media Management, a social media agency helping entrepreneurs in the interior design, home decor, and vacation rental spaces make social media as easy as 1-2-3.

She offers Instagram management, Pinterest management, blogging, email marketing, and more to her roster of clients.

As I mentioned earlier, Amber’s also a horse girl and competitive showjumper, meaning her schedule is packed full.

Although she knew how to use Pinterest and knew she wanted to get ABC Social Media Management on the platform, she was stressed about fitting it into her already busy schedule. That’s when she reached out to me!


When I first started working on the ABC Social Media Management Pinterest account, we were truly starting from ground zero. Amber had posted a few pins, but just didn’t have time to keep up with it.

In June 2022, here’s where we stood:

  • Impressions: 8
  • Saves: 0
  • Outbound Clicks: 0

Amber’s main goal from Pinterest marketing was to increase her reach with her ideal clients and build an audience to prepare for a digital product shop launch in the fall. To accomplish this, we targeted niche keywords with valuable, quick-win content.


With consistent fresh pins, the stats immediately started growing in first three months. As is typical for most new Pinterest accounts, impressions were the first to increase, followed by saves and outbound clicks.

During the first three months, most of the content we were pinning was more general to social media marketing and Instagram tips. That put us up against strong competition in the Pinterest rankings, as the marketing niche is super saturated and competitive.

Despite this, we were still seeing good growth, but things had started to slow down before the holiday season in October and November.

From September to November, the Pinterest stats were staying pretty stagnant at an average of 6,000 monthly impressions, 15 monthly saves, and 50 monthly outbound clicks. I knew something needed to change.

Instead of continuing to target highly competitive, general keywords, I honed in the Pinterest SEO strategy for ABC Social Media Management, focusing on more specific keywords that would attract Amber’s ideal clients – interior designers and vacation rental owners.

That, combined with more specific blog posts targeted toward those audiences, helped the ABC Social Media Management Pinterest account absolutely take off.

In December, pins to a blog post on Instagram content ideas for AirBNBs started growing exponentially, particularly in terms of saves and outbound clicks. Those pins haven’t stopped growing since.


As of June 2023, exactly a year since starting Pinterest management, ABC Social Media Management is getting over 1,000 monthly outbound clicks from Pinterest. Here’s an overview of what the stats look like currently:

Amber’s pins are ranking highly in relevant searches, and she’s seeing steady increases in traffic and email list subscriptions. Several of her pins have reached “viral” status, and her outbound click rate compared to impressions is exceptionally high for her niche.

Why It Worked

There are several factors that contributed to ABC Social Media Management’s success on Pinterest. One is the niche keyword targeting strategy that got her content in front of her ideal client.

For newer, smaller accounts on Pinterest, targeting less competitive keywords by getting really specific can be a great strategy to start building traction more quickly.

I also tested different pin graphic styles for this account, making graphics that were slightly longer than the typical pin design ratio of 1000 x 1500 px, and sticking mostly to neutral, high-contrast designs.

Although this will be different for every account, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of the top-ranking pins for this account look quite similar.

Off of the platform, our Pinterest strategy was also helped by Amber consistently publishing valuable content for her target audience. As part of the monthly analytics report, I would also suggest blog content ideas, pulling from opportunities I saw on Pinterest as well as repurposing Instagram content Amber had already created.

And she followed through, writing super informative but easy-to-digest blogs that were super clickable and saveable. In fact, she says “It’s so fun to write blog posts (something I enjoy doing and know how to do) and have the Pinterest side of things handled.”

Tips to Take

While there’s no guarantee of Pinterest success, there are a few things I want you to take away from this Pinterest case study.

First, is that Pinterest marketing takes time. We didn’t shoot up to 1,000 monthly outbound clicks overnight; it took a full year.

Also, I want to really emphasize the importance of your Pinterest keywords and knowing your ideal client. Even if you don’t have a specific industry niche like Amber does, you can still find ways to fine-tune your Pinterest SEO strategy and use the keywords that will get your content in front of your target audience.

What She Says

“If you’re an online service provider wondering how to make Pinterest work for your business, I can’t emphasize enough how highly I recommend Sarah!! She has made the entire process of Pinterest stress-free — without her, I would not have any sort of presence on the platform because I just never had the time to put into learning and keeping up with it. But because of Sarah, my Pinterest is growing steadily along with my web traffic and even better, traction with my target audience on the platform. I am so impressed with her knowledge of Pinterest and the level of support she gives her clients.”

— Amber Broder, ABC Social Media Management

In addition to ABC Social Media Management’s signature Instagram management services, Amber also offers Instagram audits and strategy sessions if you’re looking for someone to point you in the right direction on IG. 

You can also check out her library of free content, resources, and digital product shop for a balanced, sustainable, and effective approach to social media strategy (something you know I’m always about).

And if you’re wondering if Pinterest marketing could be the right next step for your social media marketing business, reach out for a no-pressure connection call here!