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Between the Lines Copywriting Pinterest Case Study: Long-Term Effects of Viral Pins

Of all the businesses I’ve helped with their marketing, I have to admit I have a soft spot for copywriters. As a former writer and editor myself, I love that we speak the same word nerd language. And I couldn’t tell you how much I love working with copywriters on Pinterest without mentioning Between the Lines Copywriting.

Breaking down the nitty-gritty details of my longest Pinterest management client is long overdue. I’m pumped to finally be sharing the story of Between the Lines Copywriting’s journey on Pinterest.

Many of you know me because you’ve found BTL Copy on Pinterest, and many of you know BTL Copy because of how often I share these results on Instagram.

Whatever brought you here today, keep reading to get a BTS look at the BTL Pinterest.

Website Copywriter Pinterest Case Study

The Client

There’s a good chance you already know Sara of Between the Lines Copywriting because we just don’t. stop. talking about each other.

But on the off chance you haven’t met yet, let me introduce you.

Sara Noel-de-Tilly of Between the Lines Copywriting

As a website copywriter with a love for strategic About pages, Sara would kick me if I started this off with a list of her degrees (3!) and work experience (she’s got an email for that). And that’s fair; those are hardly the most interesting parts about her.

I know her as the chocolate-addicted, multiple-voice-note-sending, Cape-Cod-loving, coolest copywriter and email marketer around. (She’s also the kind of cool mom I aspire to be.)

Before my business became what it was now, Sara and I connected over our mutual love of lifestyle vloggers, Tarheels, and the fact that she had the same middle name as my mom.

In need of new blog post covers, Sara reached out because “I looked like I knew what I was doing.”

During our first call, a Canva template project turned into full Pinterest management and Sara became my second client ever.

That was almost two and a half years ago.


I started working on Between the Lines Copywriting’s Pinterest account in November 2020.

Here’s a snapshot of the stats at the start:

  • Impressions: 14,393
  • Saves: 80
  • Outbound Clicks: 43

Our focus was on publishing pin graphics linking back to Sara’s blogs and primarily creating as many infographics as possible.


3 months into Pinterest management, impressions had increased by 1,140%, outbound clicks were up to 261, and saves were up to 961.

Those infographics that we’d pushed so heavily were paying off, and Pinterest users were saving them at rapid rates.

At the same time, Pinterest introduced story pins (now idea pins), and one of the first ones we posted on a whim took off. That one idea pin has received over 1.5 million impressions, almost 17k saves, and is – by itself – responsible for 1,300 of the account’s followers.

We’d hit the Pinterest equivalent of the gold rush.

And this is where I get transparent with you – shit like this doesn’t happen anymore. I mean, it is possible. But it’s unlikely.

There are a lot of factors that contributed to BTL’s rapid Pinterest growth, which I’ll get into shortly. There is also a component of luck and good timing that allowed us to capitalize on the end of the old viral Pinterest era and the beginning wave of idea pins.

That was just in the first 3-4 months.

In the two years since, we continued pinning new content consistently, giving Pinterest a mix of standard and idea pins, infographics and blog post covers.

Sara kept blogging, developed multiple valuable lead magnets, and launched several digital products and her flagship course, Site Series.

We drove traffic to all of them.

At our highest point, the account was getting 2 million monthly impressions, over 2,000 monthly outbound clicks, and 18,000 saves.


The nature of Pinterest is inherently fickle. 2020-2022 saw lots of glitches, new features, and ranking updates.

We didn’t stay at that high every single month. Frankly, that’s just unrealistic.

But with 15,000+ followers and years of high-quality, high-ranking pins, Sara’s Pinterest presence continues to pay off to the tune of five-figure projects and pay-in-full dream clients.

Her email list has grown by the thousands, and she attributes 75% of that growth to Pinterest.

People are always up in her DMs saying, “I found you on Pinterest and I’m so glad I did, I love your content and it made me want to follow you here on Instagram and sign up for your newsletter.”

That’s the picture-perfect Pinterest funnel, if you ask me.

Why It Worked

Beyond our fortunate timing and idea pin success, it’s easy to point out why Sara has been so successful on Pinterest.

At the platform level, I created beautiful, saveable, clickable graphics that drew in her audience and gave them quick wins. Infographics were easy to digest and quickly grew our reach. Blog post pins with super enticing titles got users clicking to her website.

Collage of pin graphics for Between the Lines Copywriting

And she followed up on that promise of value.

If you haven’t read a BTL blog or Tuesday Table of Contents, go there next. Because everything Sara writes is engaging and educational. She always over-delivers.

The thing that really let us take this traffic and turn it into tens of thousands of dollars for her business was her email list.

From the beginning, she was getting people onto an email list that she nurtured every week. That’s all her.

I can’t give you a magic formula to Pinterest success. In fact, as you read these case studies, you’ll learn that every client has a different experience and a different strategy that gets them to different, equally impressive results.

Tips You Can Take

That being said, here are some things you can learn from this Pinterest case study:

  • Infographic-style pins are great for getting saves and building an audience
  • Capture leads from Pinterest with a great opt-in and email sequences
  • Ups and downs are normal, even for the “Pinterest famous”

What She Says

“Sarah is the best investment I’ve made in my business so far—one that I’ve seen a great ROI on! She’s my most longstanding contractor for a reason. She takes initiative, she knows what she’s doing, and she’s never once made me question whether or not working with her was worth it.

“I consistently get messages from people who have found me on Pinterest complimenting me on everything from the aesthetic of my pins to the content I post, and that’s all because of her. I’ve booked countless clients from Pinterest, earning me tens of thousands of dollars directly from her efforts. In short, she is PINTEREST QUEEN and I don’t even have to log into my account to see results.” – Sara, Between the Lines Copywriting

I will always be grateful to Sara for taking a chance on baby-business-owner me, and I’m so proud of how both of our businesses have grown together. If you haven’t already, go read her website like your favorite novel!

Ready to start marketing your copywriting business on Pinterest?

Whether you need someone to point you in the right direction or take the Pinterest wheel entirely, you can explore all of my Pinterest marketing services here!