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Pinterest Calls to Action You Can Swipe Today

Conclusions and calls to action are two of my least favorite things to write, but they’re some of the most important parts of any piece of content. Your Pinterest calls to action in particular do a lot of heavy lifting on the platform.

Using the right call to action can make the difference between a user scrolling past your pin or stopping, clicking, and buying!

I know which one I’d prefer…

Basic CTAs can get the job done, but why not add a little bit of spice? Jazz up your Pinterest calls to action with these CTA prompts and templates.

How to Use Pinterest Calls to Action (CTAs)

Why You Need Calls to Action on Pinterest

There’s a simple fact of marketing that you need to know – people like being told what to do. I know, it may seem counterintuitive, but with the whole of the internet just a tap away, it’s crucial that you give readers a next step when they’re consuming your content.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming a website visitor will intuitively know to scroll back up to your menu, navigate to your resources page, find your free guide, and download it. Tell them that you have a free resource that will solve their current problem and link directly to it!

The mere suggestion of a next step can often be enough to prompt people to follow through and act. That’s why calls to action on Pinterest are absolutely necessary for click-worthy pins!

Where to Use Your Pinterest CTAs

When we talk about Pinterest calls to action, you’re probably thinking of CTAs on the pins themselves, or maybe in the pin descriptions. But there are several other areas of your Pinterest profile that could use a snappy call to action. Let’s break ‘em down!

  • On your Pinterest images — A short and sweet call to action on a pin image can help encourage readers to get more information, especially on pins to promote a digital product!
  • In your pin descriptions — Make sure you leave room at the end of your pin description for a call to action encouraging Pinterest users to click through the pin (or whatever other action you want them to take).
  • In your board descriptions — While your board descriptions are primarily for SEO purposes, you can take advantage of the space to add a relevant Pinterest call to action.
  • In your Pinterest bio — Your Pinterest bio should be keyword-rich and should clearly communicate what kind of content you have to offer. Did you know it should also include a call to action?

Pinterest Calls to Action to Swipe

On Your Pins

Calls to action on your Pinterest graphics will probably be shorter than in other places. Most of these Pinterest call-to-action examples are 2-5 words long. Use a button or other graphic to call attention to these CTAs to make them really stand out in the pin graphic!

  • Grab yours here
  • Grab the guide
  • Swipe the step-by-step
  • Jump in now
  • Start today
  • Get going
  • Swipe the formula
  • Get immediate access
  • Get the full list
  • Download the _____
  • Instant access is right here
  • Read all the tips
  • Check out the examples
  • Discover your ____
  • See how it works
  • Learn how now
  • Save your seat
  • Watch now
  • Try it for free
  • Learn all about it

In Your Pin Descriptions

You can use many of the same pin graphic calls to action in your pin descriptions, but you can also get more descriptive! You have up to 500 characters to use in your pin description, so don’t be afraid to get specific.

  • Sharing client work? Use this Pinterest call to action template to encourage client inquiries: “Like the look of this [keyword-rich project type]? Book your own [industry] project with [Brand Name] today to [benefit 1] and [benefit 2].
    • Ex: Like the look of this minimal interior designer website design? Book your own Showit web design project with Brand Name today to get a website that attracts and converts your ideal clients.
  • Or you could use this CTA to drive traffic to your portfolio: “Looking for more [keyword-rich project style] inspiration? Head to the [Brand Name] [industry] portfolio to get [keyword] ideas for your [industry] project!
    • Ex: Looking for more minimal interior designer website design inspiration? Head to the Brand Name web design portfolio to get minimal Showit website ideas for your next website design project!
  • Use these calls to action for blog posts or other educational, long-form content: 
    • Head to the blog for a detailed step-by-step [keyword] tutorial
    • Learn exactly how to [desired keyword-rich benefit] in the blog
    • Find more [keyword] tips for your [client industry keyword] here
  • Promoting a lead magnet? Try a call to action formula like this: Grab your free [keyword-rich lead magnet title] to swipe all the best [keyword-rich feature 1] and [keyword-rich feature 2].

In Your Pinterest Board Descriptions

You can use a call to action in your Pinterest board descriptions to direct people to your blogs, lead magnets, products, services, or more!

  • Want more [board keyword] tips? Check out the blog at [URL]
  • Looking for more [board keyword] resources? Grab your free [lead magnet] at [URL]
  • Like the [board keyword] you see here? Book your own [keyword] project at [URL]

In Your Pinterest Bio

Use your Pinterest bio call to action to encourage users to follow you or check out a lead magnet or product.

  • Follow for [keyword 1], [keyword 2], [keyword 3]
  • Grab your FREE [lead magnet title] at [short URL]
    • If you don’t have a landing page on your own domain, use a link shortener like Bitly.

Pinterest calls to action can help drive more engagement, traffic, and leads from your content, so you shouldn’t overlook them! But they also don’t have to be overly complicated.

For the most effective Pinterest CTAs, keep them clear, simple, and specific! And try to push a little more than just “Read more” 😉