Pinterest Content Strategy


Not quite sure what to post on Pinterest to actually get leads and sales? Not anymore.

In this 90-minute masterclass, we'll go beyond the Pinterest basics to craft a sustainable & successful strategy.

establish a flexible framework to pin confidently & consistently

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ready to stop asking "am i doing this right?!"

learn how the pinterest algorithm works & how to make it work for you

know exactly what to post (& why)

what you'll learn

Pinterest can be a seamless addition to your current marketing strategy...

But not if you're constantly guessing at what to post, how to optimize, and whether or not any of it is actually doing anything for your business. Those seams are stealing the spotlight and your peace of mind. I guess that makes this masterclass the thong to your business's leggings?

If you're tired of investing time into Pinterest without getting the results you expect, this class will teach you the missing pieces to turn your effort into tangible impacts. Here's exactly what we'll cover:

a deep dive into the pinterest algorithm & how it works

best practices for creating content that captivates & converts

must-have tips & tools to keep up a sustainable pinterest workflow

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a 4-step framework to plan and create your pinterest content

is it just me, orrr?

Everyone tells you creating a strategy is a must, but never explains how to do it.

It's giving... gatekeeping. And with everyone and their biz bestie saying strategy-this, strategic-that, who's gonna 'fess up and admit they have no clue what the heck they're supposed to be doing?

that's whyI'm doing this.

You can thank me later, once you've taken the class and learned EXACTLY how to create a Pinterest content strategy for your business. There actually is a method to the madness, even if it feels like no one wants to share.

Well I did, and now I'm sharing what I learned so you don't have to.

meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Sarah, & I'm obsessed with sustainable Pinterest strategy.

And just plain content marketing in general. Yes, my specialty is Pinterest marketing, but do you wanna know a secret? Pinterest works best with a website and email marketing and blogging. I'm here for it all, and I've got a feeling you are, too. You can trust I'm not just sharing hacks and tactics in a digital vacuum — I'm teaching you how to incorporate foundational strategy into a system that works for you, your business, and your lifestyle.

(it's kinda my whole thing.)

"I know I'm going to be referencing this for years!"

I’m feeling so excited and relieved to finally have all of my Pinterest marketing pieces put together in a way that creates an actionable and accessible sustainable strategy that’s gonna be super easy to follow month over month. No more struggles with missing pieces and inconsistency!

elissa, elissa mae creative

"Sarah is, hands down, THE Pinterest expert."

Everything was incredibly insightful, actionable, organized, and approachable. I went from feeling lost to feeling much more on track and re-energized when it comes to Pinterest. Since beginning to implement her suggestions, I've seen over a 160% increase in my monthly Pinterest views!

emma, saltd studio

This Pinterest Content Strategy Masterclass is right for you      

You know you want to leverage Pinterest for your brand but have hit the limits of your DIY skills

You've been handed all the tools but need a simple, actionable plan to get going

You're tired of feeling confused, lost, and disorganized with your Pinterest content


You're ready to ditch the overwhelm and bring purpose to your Pinterest content creation

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How to Create Your Pinterest Content Strategy



Let's create your Pinterest content strategy!

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(So you can stop spinning your wheels & start actually benefitting from all your hard work!)

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